Online Registration Demos

Please contact us for a personal demo or to find out about a specific feature you are interested in.

Skating School Students and Families

Account Creation

Our online application supports usage by both the skating families as well as the skating school administrator. For the skating school clients, the first step is to sign up.

Class Registration

After signing up, the process to register for classes is a simple and straight forward.

Skating School Administrators

Initial School Configuration

To get your school configured, there is some initial work required. This includes setting up the skating season, configuring the sessions and adding classes to the session. Check out the video for definitions of some of these terms.

Session Duplication

After the first session is configured, our system allows you to duplicate the session and use it as a starting point for the next session. This means that you will only have to be concerned with classes that change from one session to the next.


The most powerful portion of online registration is the reporting aspect. This allows you to print out a class roster or test sheet at will. This ends the hours that are frequently spent entering data into a spreadsheet.